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Sampling / testing

  • injection moulding machine KRAUS MAFFEI KM1000/1200 MX, equipped with two injection units (fast exchange):
      1x screw Ø 95mm, working capacity 8100 (stroke volume in ccm x max. injection pressure in bars) – for engineering resins (plastics)
        1x screw Ø 135mm, working capacity 12000 – for polyolefins (HDPE,PP)
      -the machine is equipped with gas (nitrogen) assisted injection moldign technology
  • mould trials – serial conditions are simulated during product testing according to customer requirements
  • materials used: ABS, PC, TPE, PA6.6, PBT, PP, PPGF, HDPE, PPO…
  • short series plastic parts delivery up to 10.000 pieces
  • sampling and testing in 2-shift operations

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